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22 years of Experienced Legal Representation in Austin, Texas

When dealing with a serious legal matter in the Austin, Texas area, you need to contact an experienced, dedicated attorney immediately. The Law Office of Selena Alvarenga provides the passionate, detailed legal representation that you need during a frustrating entanglement with the law.

Selena Alvarenga has been trusted by her clients and community since 1996. She has handled tough cases for both adults and youth, and fight tooth and nail to make sure you receive a favorable result in the courtroom.
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Criminal Law

If you have been arrested for a crime in Austin, contact Selena Alvarenga immediately to get the right defense for your case. She has 22 years of experience defending adults and juveniles, as well as felony cases and misdemeanors. She will gather the necessary information and facts needed to defend you, and will fight to win your case in the court of law.

Family Law

Going through a tough family entanglement can be stressful and exhausting. No matter the situation, whether it is a divorce, child support, or child custody case, it is imperative you contact and experienced family law attorney such as Selena Alvarenga.

Immigration Law

Immigrants to the United States have rights that states and federal courts must respect as well. If you are facing issues with immigration status, or fear that your rights may be infringed upon, reach out to the Law Office of Selena Alvarenga and we will make sure you have the proper documentation and go through the right procedures to ensure you and your family is secure.
Schedule a consultation with the Law Office of Selena Alvarenga today for expert legal assistance. We can handle both State and Federal matters for our clients in the Austin, Texas area. Selena Alvarenga is here for you when needed.